• MOI enabling User’s Happiness & Focus On Individuality 

    The Plight of Current Societal Structures   The societal structures we have today often treat individuals as mere statistics, and thus end up reducing their individuality and control over their interactions with the world. This happens in a world where individuals aspire to have control over their interactions in order to achieve a state of happiness.  […]

  • MOI

    MOI is based on the foundational need of humanity for control over their interactions by providing a platform where individuals can interact with each other without intermediaries.  In our vision, individuals are the fundamental unit of human society, and therefore we recognize that social structures often classify individuals into groups, such as families, societies, or […]

  • MOI: A Personalized Internet 

    MOI, is a newly designed fabric for the internet that focuses on personalization and user-centricity, aiming to create a happy digital society. Our team recognizes that the internet has its positives and negatives and strives to create a new digital order that understands the need of context to ultimately induce humanization in every digital interaction.  […]

  • 2023: Our Journey to MainNet Launch

    2023: Our Journey to MainNet Launch

    2022 was a year of improvement and success for Sarva Labs. In the past year, we’ve converted dreams and ideas into core technological features of a fledgling new protocol. The accomplishments of the past 12 months have set up the year ahead as the most pivotal that our company may ever see, one that will introduce the first proof-of-context consensus mechanism to the world.